Doyin & Nenpin (Kaduna, Nigeria Wedding)(With Bonus Video)

I had the privilege of assisting Musa Tukurah of M. Tukurah Photography as a second shooter for Doyin and Nenpin's big day. 

Doyin and Nenpin are the kind of couple whose body language tells it all. Their constant eye contact and little side glances give off a radiant "I like her, and she likes me" vibe to anyone who watches them for long enough. Their love for each other made the whole day fun--just how a wedding should be!  

Their big day took place in Kaduna state, with a long list of high profile guests, including the governor of Taraba state. And there was no mistaking that these guests were here for a party! The atmosphere was vibrant, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen at the center of the celebration. Here is a glimpse of Nenpin and Doyin's lively day through my lens.

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