Diane & William (Nigerian Traditional Wedding)

The traditional wedding of Diane and William took place in Kaduna city, Kaduna state. The Kaduna sun was out in full force that day, basking us in rays of sun from which is seemed almost impossible to escape.  

If there is one thing Nigeria has in abundance, it is culture and tradition, with over 250 different language groups and almost twice as many distinct traditional wedding practices. One thing, however, that runs as a common thread through most Nigerian wedding traditions is that of the groom's family presenting gifts to be put on display at the event. For Diane and William's traditional wedding, the groom's family brought boxes and boxes of gifts for the women of the bride's family to inspect. Among those boxes were food, suitcases, and a Bible. Once the gifts had been properly inspected, Diane was asked to come and pick one item from among the pile. As she approached the boxes, women from her family whispered in her ear, ensuring she knew the right gift to select. Carefully, she selected the Bible from among the array of gifts. Even though her selection was expected, it was a representation of her choice to put God first in her family. 

Many are the customs of a Nigerian traditional wedding. Enjoy this selection of photos from Diane and William's special day. 

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