Fidel (Portraits)

Based in Jos, Nigeria, Fidel is a highly talented painter, sculptor, and mentor who has been creating art professionally for the past 11 years. My wife, Jeanine, introduced me to his work about three years ago, and I very quickly became a fan of his abstract-yet-realistic genre of art. When the time came to create portraits of him I felt as though it was only right to do it in his creative space in Jos.

There's something about photographing highly creative people that is a little tricky to describe. At first, it seems difficult for them to engage in the creative process because here, in this process of making art, they have very little control over the outcome. Then slowly but surely, they begin to open up. As conversation is carried on, they begin to allow the camera to not just be pointed at them but to have a glimpse into their very souls. This, right here, is the beauty of portrait photography; reaching into someone else's life and capturing a moment in time that can never be taken back or relived in any other way but through the images made.

Random fact: Fidel has been growing out his hair for the past 10 years, with only annual trims.

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