Rose & Dennis (Engagement)

As a wedding photographer, sometimes making a booking means landing a new client. Other times, making a booking means making new friends. As a professional, once I have been hired to shoot a wedding or portraits, it becomes my goal to make that event or session rock, regardless of who I'm shooting and how we connect. But sometimes, I get rewarded with a couple like Dennis and Rose. I honestly cannot wait for their wedding day, and here's why.

Firstly, I shoot weddings because I love love, and when I see a set of people who so genuinely love and are affectionate toward each other, I get really excited. Dennis and Rose exemplify just that.

Secondly, Dennis and Rose are just incredibly pleasant people to be around. This shows in their interactions with each other and with others. Such a pleasant, easy-going, fun-loving couple is an exciting combination for any wedding photographer.

There are many more reasons why I enjoyed my time with Dennis and Rose so much, but for now, please enjoy this selection of pictures we created during their evening engagement photo session.

Please click on any of the pictures to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.