Nneoma & Olisa (Nigerian Traditional Wedding)

A glimpse into Nneoma and Olisa's traditional wedding. When friends become clients.

I had known Nneoma for a few years in Jos before she moved and we lost contact. Imagine my surprise, then, when I received the "I'm getting married and want you to do the photos!" call from her. I was thrilled, and we soon started putting together the details for my trip to Arochukwu, in Abia state, for her traditional wedding.

Fast forward to the 26th of March, and I'm sitting on a plane to Uyo. We land and I'm off to meet up with Nneoma and members of the bridal party for a three hour drive to Arochukwu on one of the darkest, loneliest bush roads I have ever seen. The banter and laughter and spirit of the wedding excitement kept our spirits high. 

The next day was a flurry of activity, in the midst of the sweltering heat of southern Nigeria. As is typical with Nigerian traditional weddings, Nneoma had three beautiful dresses prepped for her big day, two of which were made by the incredibly talented Style Temple in Abuja. The hand-crafted detail was stunning! 


The day sped by in a blur, with makeup by the bride's sister, beautiful dresses adorned by the bridal party, family members pouring through the house, the slaughtering of a goat and cow, and a general whirl of activity. But in the middle of the chaos, in the middle of all the planning and prepping, Nneoma's excitement when Olisa and his family arrived to the house showed that the day was about more than just the details and the rituals; it was a tribute to their love. 

Enjoy these images from their day--a glimpse into who Nneoma and Olisa are and what an Igbo traditional wedding looks like. 


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