Kachi Mozie

My name is Kachi Mozie. I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in the Chicago area, but originally from Jos, Nigeria. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Before I became a photographer, I was a computer programmer, a musician, and a music producer. Even though my code-writing days are behind me, my geeky side still prevails and has now invaded my photography. I still remain drawn to the technical, below-the-surface aspects of photography (and life) that make extraordinary creations possible.

My musical side, however, is still very much alive. I have always been an artist at heart and the drive to create continues to be one of the most effective driving forces in my life. As part of a rock band for five years, I honed my guitar skills and developed a love for music production. I learned in that process the place of experimentation and study in conjuring up creativity.

But if I’m to be completely honest, the single biggest driving force in my life, besides my Christian faith, is my wife, Jeanine. She is the one responsible for my photography career. It’s amazing how having the love of my life beside me and involved in my work has changed not only my outlook on life and love, but also framed the way I work.

My love affair with photography dates back a few years to when Jeanine schooled me in my first photography lesson. I will never forget that day-- a lazy, cloudy afternoon strolling through a park in central Jos. We were dating at the time, and I was curious about what she had to say and the intricacies of the camera. Who would have thought that lesson on a lazy afternoon would have turned into K. Mozie Photography down the road… And I’m grateful that it did.